Welcome to Reigate College’s virtual Introductory Day.

This page will be kept up over the summer, in case you’d like to refer back to it. We will keep adding to the FAQs (see later) as we receive more questions.

Here’s what the ‘day’ had in store:

  • A Student Welcome by the Principal (see recording below).
  • The release of some specially produced videos to help prepare you for starting in September (see below)
  • The launch of the last round of A Level/BTEC course tasks and activities. These ‘Aim High’ tasks should be completed by Choices Day on 25 August (see www.reigate.ac.uk/newstarters-courses)
  • A Parents’/Guardians’ Information Meeting, led by Principal Nick Clark, followed by a ‘Q and A Panel’, with some of the College’s senior leadership team (see recording below).

Student Welcome – Introductory Day

Parents’ Information Meeting – Introductory Day

A parents’/guardians’ Information Meeting, led by Principal Nick Clark, followed by a ‘Q and A Panel’, with some of the College’s senior leadership team.

Please watch each of the ‘essential’ videos below and as many as you like of the ‘optional’ ones.

Essential Videos

Optional Videos

Virtual Art & Design Exhibition

You may also be interested in having a look at the College’s end of year Art & Design Exhibition, https://www.reigate.ac.uk/news-media/end-of-year-art-design-exhibitions/ presented as a virtual gallery experience.

Course tasks and activities

You should have already completed the ‘Explore your Subjects’ and ‘Get Going’ tasks and activities (see www.reigate.ac.uk/newstarters-courses ) for your three or four preferred A Level/BTEC Level 3 courses.

We’d now like you to have a go at the ‘Aim High’ tasks and activities for completion by Choices Day on 25 August (released 30 June, rather than 1 July as advertised).

If you applied late to the College, or have been doing work set by your school, please don’t worry.  This will be taken into consideration and will not effect your place at the College.     

What’s next?

Look out for information about Choices Day on Tuesday 25 August, enrolment (from 26 – 28 August) and Lower Sixth Induction Day (on Friday 4 September).

Choices Day is a day when we’ll be asking you to reflect upon your subject choices, following GCSE results day on 20 August. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 2020 Admissions

What do I do if I want to change courses?

If you’re thinking about changing a subject or subjects, it’s better to wait until your enrolment interview (from 26 August), when you can discuss your options face-to-face with a member of staff. Enrolment interviews take place after GCSE results day on 20 August, so you’ll then know for sure what you’re qualified to do.

If you’re 100% sure of any changes and know you’ll definitely meet the specific entry requirements, you can email admissions@reigate.ac.uk

What happens if I haven’t done the course specific tasks and activities on the New Starters page?

It’s very important you have done the work set out on the New Starters pages www.reigate.ac.uk/newstarters-courses . The activities are designed to give you a detailed insight into what the courses are like. You may find the subject is not what you had expected or you may find others that are of more interest to you. If you don’t complete the tasks, then you won’t have the advantage of knowing that information, to make your final key decisions.

If you’ve been torn between doing work set by your school and work set by the College, this will be taken into account and it will not affect your place at the College.

Will there be any flexibility this year, with students who do not meet any specific course requirements or general entry requirements?

The College trusts the professional judgement of colleagues from our feeder schools, and so it is extremely unlikely that students will be accepted onto specific courses unless they meet the published entry requirements. Any queries of this nature will be resolved during individual enrolment interviews (from 26 August).

What will teaching look like in September with the Coronavirus and social distancing?

The Government has made it clear that it wants all students to be back full-time in September. The College will be following the guidance issued by the Department for Education. Therefore, it is our hope that we will be able to run a full timetable as usual. However, if the guidance prevents this, it will involve some element of blended learning with some face-to-face and some remote learning.

For other FAQs please see: www.reigate.ac.uk/new-starters/introductory-day/introductory-day-faqs/

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