Welcome to the 'New Starters' section of our website, for students who are starting at the College this September (and their parents or carers).

Here's what's coming up over the next few weeks:

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  • In preparation for starting at Reigate, and before we set you loose on doing some course specific tasks and activities (from 4 May) we’d like you to:

    • Read through the New Starters Admissions Calendar so as to check you’ve read and understood what’s happening when.
    • Have a go at the ‘Get Ready for Reigate’ tasks and activities below. Please complete all four sections by 4 May.

    1. Support

    Find out about the huge amount of support available to you at the College and take our Support Quiz.


    2. Making Friends

    If you’re worried about making friends when you start in September, and even if you’re not (!), please take a look at this useful film.

    Making Friends

    3. Skills

    Four tasks to complete to get you thinking about the Skills you’re going to need to succeed in your Sixth Form studies.


    4. Ambitions

    Having an idea of what you’re working towards when you leave the College in two years time can be hugely motivating.


  • It’s really important to feel that you’ve chosen the right subjects and to start at College confident that you’re doing the courses you know you’ll enjoy, and will do well in.

    It’s worth investing a bit of time now, investigating your subjects, and what they will actually involve, rather than leaving it until the beginning of term!

    It’s particularly important to spend some time exploring subjects you haven’t studied before. These might include: Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Philosophy, Media, Film, Economics, Politics etc.

    Tasks and Activities:

    1. Follow this link to the New Starters A-Z Course Listing to find the three or four subjects you're planning on studying in September. From here, you can click on the 'Explore Your Subject' sub-heading and see the tasks and activities that should be completed by 1 June.
    2. More course-related tasks and activities will be released on 1 June (Get Going) and 1 July (Aim High).
  • It’s important to keep up-to-date with all the latest information with respect to starting at the College.

  • We will be releasing ‘Get Going’ tasks and activities to help you delve deeper into your chosen subject choices.

    Completing these tasks will help prepare you for your courses, so that you can Start with Confidence in September.

    These tasks will be located in the subject specific ‘Get Going’ sections of the New Starters A to Z Course listing from 1 June, and should be completed by 1 July.

  • Once you’ve taken part in the College’s first ever virtual Introductory Day on 30 June, and decided you’re definitely going to enrol (why wouldn’t you?!), you will be asked to complete some Aim High tasks.

    These tasks will be located in the subject specific ‘Aim High’ sections of the New Starters A to Z Course listing.

    These tasks and activities are mandatory and all new students will need to complete them before Choices Day on 25 August.

    Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

    Get ahead of the game and do some prep for the Extended Project Qualification

    Medics Vets and Dentists (MVD) Research Task

    All prospective Medics, Vets and Dentists should complete this research task.

  • Following GCSE results day on 20 August, Choices Day is a day designed to help you firm up your subject choices. For more information see https://www.reigate.ac.uk/new-starters/choices-day/

  • New starters will be invited to an individual, face-to-face Enrolment Interview that will take place between 26 to 28 August.

    For more information about Enrolment see https://www.reigate.ac.uk/new-starters/enrolment/

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